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This is my Cinderella story scene
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[one last dance, one last moment - 1/1] 
3rd-Jun-2007 09:53 pm

TITLE: one last dance, one last moment
CHARACTER(S): Tenten, Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba
PAIRING(S): Hyuuga Neji x Tenten and some Inuzuka Kiba x Tenten [because really, the world loves tenten]
RATING: So G it hurts
SUMMARY: there was only one last dance, and one last moment to make things right.
DISCLAIMER: Owning Naruto is Kishi's job.
NOTES: this was supposed to be written for the may challenge at ten_squared, but I didn't finish it in time due to finals and such, oh well.
THEME: one last dance @ ten_squared


There was one last dance, and one last moment to make everything right. He should just be able to waltz over there, figuratively speaking of course Hyuuga Neji did not waltz, and whisk her away from Inuzuka. But, for some reason, he just couldn't seem to bring himself to do it.

She was in the corner standing somewhat cornered by the Inuzuka boy and giggling at something he had said. And actually, she had been standing there giggling at him for the majority of the party that the Godaime had decided to throw on a whim.

Tenten had been overjoyed by the news of a party, and had for the first time (atleast the first time he had seen her) act like a teenage girl. Freaking out over what she was going to wear, make up, shoes, the works, while he just stood there watching her run from store to store. He was just there to help carry her bags and give her some feedback, and he really resented the fact that he was there. Which, put a damper on her mood. So, it made perfect sense that at the actual event she would try to avoid being anywhere near the Hyuuga prodigy. And she did avoid him.

Or actually, she had asked him if he wanted to dance and he said no. Then Inuzuka intervened and asked her to dance, and of course she accepted. She was then whisked away leaving him standing there, running the situation through his head. Which he did the entire night.

Now, it was the last dance and their was only one last moment to whisk her away and make her see that he saw how much of a jerk he had been. That he had always been.

The entire night he was replaying ever interaction they had (and mainly the interaction they had had earlier that evening) and he realized, that, Tenten liked him far more than a teammate should. He didn't know why he hadn't noticed before, but he hadn't. But now, he knew.

And there was one last dance.

Mustering his courage, figuratively Hyuuga Neji did not need to muster up courage to do anything let alone ask his long time teammate to dance, he waltzed, once again figuratively since he didn't waltz, over to his teammate. And called an intervention.

There was one last dance, one last moment, one last chance to make everything right.

“Care to dance?” the question slipped out of his mouth in one solid breath. An offer of his hand.

A glare from Inuzuka, which he returned tenfold.

A smile from Tenten as she realized that her teammate wasn't completely oblivious after all. “Of course.” She accepted the offer.

And he whisked her off, because it was the last dance, the last moment, the last chance. He didn't need another chance, or another moment, or another dance, anymore though.

one last dance, one last moment, one last chance, to make everything right.


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