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This is my Cinderella story scene
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[the fallen - 1/1] 
23rd-May-2007 09:16 pm
TITLE: the fallen
CHARACTER(S): Neji, Tenten
PAIRING(S): Hyuuga Neji x Tenten
SUMMARY: She had fallen one too many times. [stars are falling all for us]
DISCLAIMER: I own this not.
NOTES: :D? WRITTEN ON A WHIM. Plus everybody needs more Nejiten Fluff. :3

the fallen- - »

She had fallen one too many times. They just couldn't figure out what had changed everything this time. Why did she fall now when she was so high above the ground, actually flying this time, moving freely throughout the sky and flying actually flying like a bird, the bird that he was supposed to become. The bird, that he was going to become, he wasn't going to stay a caged bird his whole life. He knew that he wasn't meant to be caged, like she wasn't supposed to be grounded.

She had done the impossible. She had flown (she did fly. she did.), but then gravity that was keeping them all stuck to the ground decided to grab her and forced her down. She had flown (she had actually flew. she had. she did.), then she fell rocketing face first down into the cold, hard, earth that she had tried to escape from. They didn't know what had happened, she was flying (she was. she was.) and looking beside herself with joy. She had done it, she was flying. And then she fell.

She was flying.

Then the next thing she knew, she was...

f a l l i n g... And rocketing toward the earth, the cold hard earth. A fall from her height would certainly kill her and she would be among...

the fallen. He wouldn't let her fall again, she had already fallen one too many times. At least that's the reason he gave himself for wanting to save her, she was meant to fly not be grounded like he was. She wasn't supposed to fall when she finally flew, she was supposed to fly and not fall.

He caught her,despite all odds of him catching her, he caught her. She had still fallen one too many times, but at least she wasn't dead. She flew, she fell, he caught her.

They still say that she had fallen one too many times, but she hadn't died because somebody else had fallen one too many times. One too many times than he'd like, everybody else never said that he had fallen one too many times that was what he said, he had fallen for her, like she had fallen for him (he said that she had fallen two too many times because of that).

She flew, she fell, he caught her.

He fell, she fell, they fell in love.

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